What have you heard about us?

We're not sure what you've heard about us, but SBR Rucker Boutique is here to set the record straight.

SBR Rucker Boutique, named after its owner Sabrina Rucker, was started in 2019. Working as a hair stylist for 22 years in Mississippi, Sabrina heard too often from her clients about their challenges with finding stylish pieces that fit them. Whether it was an issue of quality, pricing, size availability, she’d hear the woes of these common themes. After seeing an opportunity to share more affordable and stylish pieces for women, Sabrina began plans to for the SBR Rucker Boutique.

So, what is SBR Rucker?



We carry a range of styles that are perfect for a day of lounging or a day on the go. Either way, you'll look and feel great!



Our items range from sizes S – 3X, giving more women a variety of options to choose from to fit their body type. 



Our items start as low as $15. On a good sale day, you could get items as low as $5! Be sure to check back during holiday season for our best deals and you could sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know when those deals are up! 😊



“One of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to SBR Rucker is that we're a reliable source of fashion for our customers for daily wear and some of their most important moments. Whether it's for a casual day in the city, a date night, holiday gatherings, or that  special occasion, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in looking fabulous while creating memories.

I look forward to continuing to provide quality fashion that allows you to embrace that fierceness inside of you and allows you to express your style and fashion choice.

I look forward to seeing all the pictures of you as you make memories. Tag us @Sbrrucker so we can share the moments with you!”

xoxo Sabrina